Handbook 12c
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Table of Contents
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Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook (Cover)

  Part One - Setting the Stage

1. Saibot Airport reaching for the Future
2. Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware and SOA Suite 12c

Part Two - Elementary Services

3. Exposing SOAP and REST services using Service Bus
4. Accessing Database and File System through Outbound Technology Adapters
5. Introducing SOA composite applications
6. Outbound adapters and one way protocols

Part Three - Composite Services 

 7. Composite services with Service Bus
 8. Composite services with SOA composites using the BPEL Component
 9. Coherence Integration to reduce load and speed up response
 10. Embedding Custom Logic using Java and Spring Component
 11. Business Rules to Capture Business Logic to Automate Decisions

Part Four - Events and other Asynchronous Interactions

 12. Asynchronous Services with SOA composites and Services Bus
 13. Inbound Adapters – Polling Database, Consuming JMS and Receiving Emails
 14. Enterprise Scheduler
 15. Event Delivery Network
 16. Oracle Event Processor for Fast Data and Complex Events

Part Five - Processes

17. Human Tasks
18. Business Processes with BPEL
19. Introduction to BPM and ACM
20. Insight into Business Process execution

Part 6 – DevOps & Run Time Admin

21. Reuse, MDS, Versioning, Governance
22. Building and Deploying
23. SOA Suite run time operations
24. Security


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